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book 4 lesson 13


Three men were doing the same kind of job and they were asked:
"what kind of work do you do ?"
the first man answered:

"I am laying bricks, one after another."
the second man answered:
"I am building a wall"
the third man answered:
"I am building a cathedral that will last for many centuries."

As you see, the work the three men were doing was the same, but each man had a different vision, understanding, and attitude regarding his work.

Your life is very similar to this story. you hear the alarm clock. you wake up. you get up. you take a shower. you brush your teeth. you comb your hair. you go to school. tou go to work. come back home. answer your e-mails, watch some tv, go to bed and start all over again.

Try to see the big picture behind everything you do.if you can see a purpouse in your daily activities, your work will be more pleasant. have a positive attitude toward your school, job and people around you. this will affect others and most importantly, it will affect you.

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